Notification of change of ownership / sale of motor vehicle

Receive Notifications for Change of Ownership/Sale of Your Motor Vehicle with Fines SA: Simplify the Process Today!

Fines SA offers a seamless and efficient service for notifying the change of ownership or sale of motor vehicles in South Africa. As industry leaders in fines management and related services, we understand the importance of properly notifying authorities when transferring ownership or selling a vehicle.

With our expertise and streamlined processes, we ensure a smooth and compliant notification process for the change of ownership or sale. Our knowledgeable team assists with the necessary documentation and paperwork, guiding you through the process to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Trust Fines SA to handle your Notification of Change of Ownership/Sale of Motor vehicles (NCO) professionally and efficiently.

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What is the "Change of Ownership/Sale of Motor Vehicle" service, and when is it needed?
This service allows you to legally transfer the ownership of a motor vehicle from one person to another. It is required when you sell a vehicle or transfer its ownership for any reason.
How can I initiate the process of changing ownership or selling my motor vehicle through Fines SA?
You can initiate the process through Fines SA's online platform or by visiting a designated service centre. The specific steps and required documentation may vary depending on your location.
What documents are typically required for a change of ownership or sale of a motor vehicle?
Is there a fee associated with changing the ownership or selling a motor vehicle through Fines SA?
How long does it take to complete the change of ownership or sale process for a motor vehicle?
Can I change ownership or sell my motor vehicle online, or do I need to visit a physical location?
What happens if I don't transfer ownership of my vehicle properly after selling it?
Can I transfer the ownership of multiple vehicles simultaneously?
How can I get more information or assistance with the change of ownership or sale process for my motor vehicle?
Can I pay the required fees for the change of ownership or sale process through Fines SA's online payment options?

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