FinesSA a SMME to watch in 2021

As South Africa's undisputed leader in traffic fine administration, Fines SA has once again innovated and expanded its service offer to its clients.

Its online platform now features increased functionality and a hassle-free user experience, including:

  • The ability for individuals and groups such as families, businesses and fleets to check outstanding fines;
  • The option to select only certain fines for payment;
  • Regular email statements and sms's with traffic infringement notifications linked directly to 10 payment options;
  • The newly introduced BNPL (buy now pay later) payment option;
  • Ability to view pictures of the infringement and defaulting driver - a particularly helpful feature for families, businesses and fleet managers.

"Our mission has always been to simplify the lives of South African road users. Because fines are administered by individual municipalities locally, drivers are often unaware that they have outstanding fines and even warrants of arrest linked to their ID numbers. This could result in massive fines, arrest, even imprisonment. Our improved platform now makes traffic management even easier and more hassle-free that ever before," says owner and founder, Barry Berman.

While not the only company in the country to offer this service, Fines SA is by far the most comprehensive platform - consolidating fines from more than 250 municipalities into one, easy-to-navigate platform. Competitors often claim nation-wide representation, but only collate fines from maximum 50 municipalities.


It pays to get on top of your traffic fines:

Paying a traffic fine is a grudge payment, but a necessary one. So why not benefit from a discount of up to 50%? Just ask for your free traffic fine report and let Fines SA do the rest. Fines SA:

  • Allows you to save up to 50% on most traffic fines (excluding fines below R300)
  • Doesn't charge 'convenience fees' and other costs as billed by competitors;
  • Boasts a 25-year track record in the industry;
  • Uses proprietary software and cutting-edge technology specifically developed for the South African market;
  • Serves individuals, families, businesses and fleets;
  • Offers 100% free, no-obligation registration;
  • Monthly newsletter;
  • Free monthly report of the status of your fines;
  • Assistance in settling non-admission of guilt (NAG) fines;
  • Settling of Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) fines;
  • Management and regular updates of AARTO demerit points once the system is live.

Revolutionary payment options

Our job is to make your life easier and traffic fines less stressful. As a result, we now offer 10 ways to pay. Just click on the various payment links on your quote, statement and sms to pay for example through EFT, Snapscan, PayFast, Zapper as the newly introduced BNPL (buy now pay later) option. To find out more, check out the dedicated newsletter explaining our the different options.

Check your fines today.

We've made it our mission to cut through the red tape and frustrations when dealing with traffic fines. So click here to receive your free outstanding traffic fine report today. Don't delay, since updates on your status take more than a day or two to reflect. Municipalities have massive backlogs, and if a warrant has been issued for your arrest they will have to go to court. Click here for more details

On the topic - Fines SA can also handle warrants of arrest, admin blocks and NAG's (link to December article) on your behalf. So claim your free, comprehensive traffic fine report today. You can then decide which fines are priority, and which infringements can be settled later. You can also request reports for every driver in your family.

All you need to do is go to the website and enter your details and ID number. The system taps into the records and reverts with any outstanding fines within 48 hours of registration. It's safe and user-friendly, and doesn’t share personal details with the authorities. And most importantly of course - you get discounts of up to 50%! Alternatively, send your ID number, name, cell phone number and e-mail address to

In the case of a criminal summons or a warrant of arrest being issued, Fines SA can also help facilitate the penalties instead of you having to face a magistrate. This is not only done for expediency, but also to alleviate the pressure on the traffic fine system and to help reduce backlogs.

Fines SA is here to help. Don't delay! Get total peace of mind knowing your traffic fines are managed and under control.