Why Use Us?

We acknowledge that paying a traffic fine is a grudge payment, but a necessary one.
However, if you pay via our platform you will be able to receive up to a 20% discount.
Just fill in your information and let us to the rest…

  • Our recognised 25-year track record in the Industry
  • We use our Mekaish Proprietary Software, that uses cutting edge technology
  • We serve individuals, businesses and fleets
  • We take the hassle out of paying traffic fines and deal with the industry on your behalf
  • Free Registration on our secure finesSA.co.za platform - opt-in basis only (legal requirement)
  • Immediately save 20% on all your traffic fines over R300
  • No hidden costs
  • Peace of mind
  • We keep you up to date with our evolving vehicle industry changes via our monthly newsletter
  • Monthly reports provided free of charge to monitor your “ARE YOU FINE?” status
  • We settle non admission of guilt (NAG) fines
  • We settle Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) fines, introduced to improve law abiding & safer driving behaviour in order to reduce road accidents
  • We manage AARTO demerit points and advise all our clients of their points status on a regular basis

Why must I pay my Traffic fines?

The relevant Municipality issuing the fines will enforce payment by issuing a warrant for your arrest if you do not pay prior to your Court date which could lead to imprisonment and additional penalties

It will also be impossible to renew your license disc as your Identity Number (ID) will be blocked by your Municipality which may result in further penalties for an expired license, as well as Insurance Companies not honouring a claim if the license disc has lapsed.

How does it Work?

Step One


Register Free online on our home page and necessary opt-in box to participate.

Step Two


We will email you a comprehensive quote containing outstanding traffic fines and our discounts offered within 24-48 hours.

Step Three


Fines SA has relationships with all the major Banks in the country.Pay via one of our convenient payment methods, including SnapScan, Zapper, EFT or cash at our office.

Step Four


We will email you the Receipt Numbers for your records. We rely on Municipalities for this information, so please be patient as it may take as long as 12 weeks for us to receive.