We specialise in providing fleet clients a turnkey solution and total traffic fine management across SA.

Our key objectives are:

  • Protecting the proxy / representative of the business from arrest and / or loss of license
  • Providing real time data so that drivers can get penalised quickly which assists to change driver behaviour which in turn makes our roads safer
  • Keeping a handle on AARTO demerit points and PDP validity

Case study of a fleet client:

A major national fleet client was heavily reliant on receiving traffic fines via post, inundated with paper and incomplete information to give them a true picture of the situation, they turned to Fines SA for a professional turnkey solution.

Their challenges

  • Many fines were arriving at the fleet owner in duplicate or triplicate confusing the situation.
  • Equally as many fines would not be sent or not arrive at the fleet owner.
  • Staff were deployed full time to try and resolve the situation and keep the situation under control.
  • Lack of real time information make it impossible to manage resulting in regular warrants of arrest for the proxy being issued resulting in additional costs.
  • Settling fines to over 250 Municipalities and getting receipt numbers was untenable.
  • Drivers would leave the business and fine amounts could not be recovered which resulted in the fleet owner having to fit the bill.

The solution

Fines SA proprietary traffic fine management system now enables them to:

  • Easily understand the full picture of all outstanding fines at any time.
  • Automated processes enable reviewing fines in real time.
  • Drivers are penalised in advance and timeously so funds can be recovered.
  • The fleet owners save up to 20% off all fines and from being a burdensome cost centre it now has a new revenue stream.
  • Administration staff is no longer required saving more costs.